January 2, 2016

So.  I’ve had to write 2016 twice now, and didn’t write 2015 accidentally. But I will.

2016-01-02 15.04.42

Drove to Laguna Mts. today along Sunrise Highway.  It was very pretty, and not too crowded with weekenders. At least, not until we turned off onto 79 to head home past Cuyamaca. There were lots of patches of snow on the north sides of things, and lots of people trying to play in the patches.  From the forecast it seems there will be much more to play in next weekend.  So, I’m glad we went this weekend.

2016-01-02 15.04.49

The sunset was beautiful at home, later.  The clouds will gather in the next couple of days and they say we are in for a week-long storm.  Can’t wait!

2016-01-02 17.04.14

For now:  leftover spaghetti, Greek salad, and rewatch of season 2 of Sherlock for me, karaoke for Bob.


Reading–continuing with What Angels Fear, pretty good so far

Knitting–going to frog my Posh leftovers roll brim and start another Historical Knit Hat instead.  I like the fit on me better.  Still waiting for my KnitPicks shipment with my needles so I can continue my 2nd Glass of Zin hat.

Happy Saturday night from me and Delilah >’.'<




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