January 3, 2016

Today was a stay home and watch stuff day.

download (1)

Just watched a great movie: Unbranded, about wild horses and some young men who rode them from the border of Mexico  to the border of Canada.  Very good movie.

Earlier, an episode of Sherlock, then DS and I had a Dr. Who afternoon. Two episodes and tacos, rice, and beans from Karla’s. Sort of heavenly.  But, sadly, only 3 more Matt Smith episodes. But then it’s on to the 12th Dr., DS’s favorite.


Right now, before I go to bed, I’m going to watch episode 1  of the new season of Downton Abbey. And rewatch it later in the week with DH. Cuz, never enough  Downton, and I just have to see this first episode of the season on its first day. Have to.

Rain starts tomorrow they say. Yes! Probably should have called the roofers earlier in the year. Oops.


Knitting–decided I will frog the hat and make mitts, because I’ll actually wear mitts. A hat, not so much.  My Knit picks pkg should get here tomorrow, and, I think, maybe my Loop pkg from London with my Shalimar Cush, so I’ll have lots of projects and temptations. Nice.

See ya. Downton is waiting.

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